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Jul 6, 2009

Okay, I'm done with the 91,000 word novel.


Now I can get back to living...o I have to send it out...unsolicited.


101 Wire Earrings rocks! Denise Peck did a great job. Love it!

We have a BookGlutton group! Come! Join us!

Check out Dr. Gemma at CogKNITive!'s the divorce article. See what you think. Then post comments at (pwd: craftlit). Hmmmm...wonder what you'll have to say...

Don't forget about the Challenge!

Chapter 13--Book chat begins around 28 minutes

7/9/09--NOTE: iTunes feed should be is being reconstructed by the Domain Host...dunno what they did, but they say it's them...should be up by or before 7/12/09.

7/15/09-- NOTE: I am STILL on the phone with the site folks and the Libsyn folks. This will get fixed, they all tell me...someone, however, owes me a week and a half.