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Aug 13, 2011


Part of my new policy in trying to make the titles more useful on iPods and such things, the title is more descriptive than poetic—I'll do that for starts and ends now.

This week I knit some moccasin socks, see my niece, watch a video on How Art Made the World book version

video version

I cringe at Feet on a Plane...

Aug 5, 2011

This week, FOSCO! Fosco's narrative signals the penultimate chapter of The Woman in White!

Amazon link is still there—not throwing the baby out with the bathwater (plus, you might need Kindle Books!) but still happy to be supporting indiebound I've done some more knitting, but mostly more shopkeeping, blogging, and

Jul 30, 2011

Today The Woman in White, Walter Hartright's narrative, the story continued, sections v–vii.

This week, I don't sleep.
But then, neither did Penny.

Does misery love company?
Yes it does.

Too tired to be bummed about missing Sock Summit. Sleepless at home is better than sleepless in an hotel.

The new shop is...

Jul 24, 2011

Woman in White, The Story Continued, Walter Hartright, sections i–iv!


Once again, CraftLit leads the zeitgeist! Happened with Frankenstein, Flatland, and now Wilkie Collins (via the New Yorker). Austen again (too)! (who knew), thank you for your help with the tornado (give if you haven't but can*), Uniquities...