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Apr 26, 2008


Notes for you!

Checkout our yahoo group! Thank you WendyMcD (find her on Ravelry!)
Checkout the Knitmore Girls!
Checkback for the pattern choices from Dixie!
Soon, a pic of my son's new ear!
Check Ravelry group for the next set of chapters that need recording.
Blanc-mange is:
And our own G-Nina's Meg!

Apr 18, 2008

Ookay, lotsa links for you: FitFlops® (NAYY), another online audio-lit site (I think I promised this ages ago!), a hot-button blog I forgot to tell you about, Adagio tea, Teavana, Meghan's podcast Stitch It!

Here's a link to Courtney's Etsy store for our May Incentive--and here's the yarn.Yummy, no?

Oh, and a few...

Apr 10, 2008

Little Women begins - chapters 1-2.

Can you believe we're about to start our THIRD year??? Ai yi yi how time flies. So, I promised you a ton of links, mostly from the very patient Becky! Beading information here (Thai Silver), here (great shepherd hook ear wires), and here. Oh, and Vintaj beads and Foxy Findings...

Apr 10, 2008

Prepare to be whisked away to the quaint 19th-century setting of Concord, where we'll meet the indomitable March sisters. Get ready for heartwarming tales of laughter, love, and the occasional sibling squabble, as we follow the girls through their trials and triumphs. From their charming domestic escapades to their...