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Tech Woes: in which we learn where your audio is

Jul 25, 2015

Hello Premium Subscribers:

Apologies. This is the fourth time I've typed this as the emailing option seems to be as fried as my hard drive.

Chaucer WILL be coming... after I drop the computer off to get a new hard drive on Tuesday.

You know how irked I get by these kinds of things, I can only imagine how irksome it is to not see your audio in the stream. I'm letting Libsyn know about the email glitch, too.


On a similar note I've been getting troubleshooting emails from some of you. If you're having issues with yoru app, please tap the MENU icon in the upper left (the horizontal lines) then tap CONTACT then select TROUBLESHOOTING.

At this point it isn't so intuitive. Tap SEND DIAGNOSTIC REPORT and an email will open with your app's diagnostic log attached. Please add any detials you can about what's going glitchy in the app for you and send that. The Troubleshooting/Tech Support folks are very good and helpful and are the only ones who can help you on this. All I can say is "have you reinstalled?" or "have you tapped 'troubleshooting' and talked with Tech Support?"—wish I could do more.


Okay, off to try to fix the rest of the issues,