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CraftLit - Serialized Classic Literature for Busy Book Lovers

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Oct 26, 2006

Sleepy Hollow, part 3!


Apologies! The original audio to this show was recorded—I believe—as my mic was dying. I've tried to remaster the hiss out, but couldn't get it all. However, the entire "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" has been re-recorded and remastered and, along with a few other Halloweenie kinds of stories,

Oct 19, 2006

Sleepy Hollow, part 2!


The entire “Legend of Sleepy Hollow” has been re-recorded and remastered and, along with a few other Halloweenie kinds of stories, appears in the Crafting-a-Life Shoppe.


Skeeter Syndrome, and why I hate reserchers...well...not hate...but really strongly prefer the applied sciences...

Oct 12, 2006

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"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," part 1.

Book talk begins at 15:20. Download 26 audio.

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Learn the origins of the name "Tarrytown" as you listen to Geoffrey Crayon's Sketchbook.

You should also check out Diedrich...

Oct 4, 2006

Yeah, But it's a Dry Heat, Right?

Don't try this at home--eye-scraping dry eye! EW! This week! Beauty and the Beast. No, not this one Or this one This one! (sort of...) By the woman with the long French name (that would be Jeanne Marie Le Prince de Beaumont). And, more on Bettleheim and Kohlberg...and a world lit...