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CraftLit - Serialized Classic Literature for Busy Book Lovers

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Aug 28, 2010

Please join me in celebrating (and purchasing) the latest, cool thing in sock knitting!

Socupied from Interweave! It runs on Adobe Air, comes in Mac and PC flavors, and will knock your *ahem* socks off. (And, you know, includes content from me)! Read more about it here.

Discover Simple, Private Sharing at

Aug 23, 2010

You can thank Twain for the episode's title. You can thank starting-a-business for the fact thereof. Nevertheless, today's chapters are 16–17. Some links for you! As promised, the Lewis Creek Socks pattern, loyal listener Renee sent in this link to a KQED show on Twain's autobio--gazillions of pages long and......

Aug 7, 2010

Today, chapters 14-15 of ACYiKAC!
Uncle Ordover’s newest book with photography by Father-in-Law Abe!
And new book by Kate Rockland Falling is Like This. This week, the excerpt! (Remember, there’s a bit of language, so be cautious with children.)

Deep fryer recs gratefully accepted, Arachne sock calc up and...

Aug 1, 2010

Today, chapters 11-13 of ACYiKAC. Some fun links and things: Twain’s little gazebo pic, our own Kate Rockland’s book

and our own Todd Culp’s book (my, my…literate today, aren’t we?)

Creating the Hive link in right sidebar, many thanks to our reader John Greenman for sounding so Twainish, –plus the polymer...