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CraftLit - Serialized Classic Literature for Busy Book Lovers

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Oct 19, 2007


Today I chat with Madame Professor Elizabeth Klett about Romantic Poetry (that's capital R, not romantic--ain't nothing lovey-dovey about our poems today).



You'll hear from Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shelley, and Keats. Not bad for a night's work, eh?




Many thanks to Sandra who sent me the box of Autumn...

Oct 17, 2007


I tried my best to eliminate the background noise in the interviews you'll hear. I found it easier to hear on headphones on my machine.
I hope it works for you too.

What you'll hear about: My Bag!
DeeDee and Racoon
DeeDee's Racoon

Leslie and fiber
Leslie and her fiber!Janel's classJanel Laidman's Class (Chameleon Color Works!)

ep 74ep 74Lace
Jennie of the Lace...

Oct 17, 2007

Join us as we journey through graveyards as we unravel the stitches that hold Mary Shelley's classic tale together, literature's most infamous creation: Frankenstein!

Prepare to be thrilled as we explore the hauntingly beautiful Alpine landscapes that set the stage for this epic tale. And let's not forget the...

Oct 4, 2007


The September donors who will receive sock yarn from CheekyRedHead or a CraftLit charm from Jen Minnis Designs are:
Beverly of CT's name was drawn to receive Sock Yarn! (YAY! General rowdiness!)
Lauren of CA's name was drawn to receive the CraftLit charm! (Huzzah! Much rejoicing!)

We'll be...