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CraftLit - Serialized Classic Literature for Busy Book Lovers

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Feb 16, 2007

A shout out to SyrenMuse who sent me the link to the Little House on the Praire DVD! Who knew! ABC was such a punk when I asked them nicely if they'd be releasing it. I had no idea they listened to me! Maybe your library will have it...

This week we end with our American Regional writers, Sarah Orne Jewett,...

Feb 8, 2007


"oooooooh beautiful, for spacious skies..."

(I can't think of that without hearing Fozzy Bear say "patriotism swells in the heart of the American Bear!" as he does after singing that song on The Muppet Movie soundtrack.)

Twain --boy do I love him--who is an appropriate precursor to our...

Feb 2, 2007

Having finished with Henry James, I thought we needed a REAL woman to freshen our pallette...Calamity Jane.
calamity jane

Not so much Doris.
calamity jane

Don't know if you've watched Deadwood (NOT for sensitive ears!), but it at least started out close to accurate as far as I can tell. My son and I got to see Wild Bill and Jane's...