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Mar 30, 2007

I've cleaned up the craft room!
Can I get an "Amen"?

And I've got more Chip for you today!

And I've got a lot of cooking to do! Good thing that deadline is past!

We weigh in on Mdm. DeF's knitting choices, Cast on for Kenya, and generally enjoy some more Dickens!

NOTE: There may be the same problem with this week's...

Mar 23, 2007

Gotta love the old OED. If only I could afford one...

In my quest for a Parisian/Dickensian map, I found this, and this, and this, but no map that would help us much.

But I did find the links to two video versions: the better reviewed of the two—GO CHRIS SARANDON (he's more than just a Humperdink!); and
this one...

Mar 16, 2007

O how I want a bumper sticker!

And hey--ANDY MINTER! What a mensch, eh?

I belive I promised you links to Antioch Univeristy, MicroRevolt and the KnitPro doohicky, and Heavenly Creatures.

And now? Off to

Mar 9, 2007

O how many different ways can I bring you joy? Really, only one way:
To bring Chip (Mister Sleepy Hollow to you) back as a reader.
Today BOTH chapters are his.


Happily my husband's not even jealous...maybe because I've not told him.


Little else to show for myself this week, unless you want me...

Mar 2, 2007

Tale of Two Cities - chapters 1 & 2 You'll need to know a few things, like...

What's a blunderbuss?
This, this is a blunderbuss.

This is Chuck.
Charles Dickens

Who was Mrs. Southcott?
She was an English spiritualist.

What was the Cock-Lane Ghost?
One of the first ever psychic scams. Read about it. You'll find MANY different...