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Jan 31, 2010

Chapters 15-17 of Flatland! Whoot!

Know what a smooth operator is? A sphere! Trust me.

This week's links: interview with Jasper Fforde (in which he discusses--wait for it--Flatland!!!), Barknknit podcast promo, Studiographia (my new writing home). photo.jpg proof of my spinniness photo.jpg Listen to episode 157 audio Book talk starts...

Jan 23, 2010

Book talk begins at: 22:30

The Encounter begins!!!

Meanwhile, back at the's raining. And... How does one say that? We here are unused to your strange terminology and bizarre windy ways. Some links: Great TechKnitting blog post with links to lots of great and very smart ideas (expensive sock...

Jan 16, 2010

We finish the background info to Flatland today (and you thought we were already IN the story, didn't you!) and next episode head into... The Encounter!

Da Da Duuuuummmmmmm

This week some gluten free fun for you UK travelers and denizens (beer, cider, food, mobile phone 24/7 beer guidance), I wax rhapsodic over the

Jan 1, 2010

Christmas knitting (nearly) done. Still working on Welsh Heel socks for Auntie, sock yarn hat (for picture scroll down a bit) pattern for the hat here, useful tutorial for Jogless stripes, cool MixTape Zine and MixTapeZine’s editor’s blog, and nifty attached i-cord tutorial. And the artwork for chapter 9: And for...