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CraftLit - Serialized Classic Literature for Busy Book Lovers

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Nov 24, 2023

Ep. 639: Bohus in the House!

Book talk begins @ 19:38

In todays episode, the Musketeers' to-do list: Save the Duke, spill the tea, and hire Planchet – all before bedtime! 

Nov 17, 2023

Ep. 638: Color Your Classics!

Book talk begins @ 5:53

Our fearless trio, with their dashing hats and even more dashing facial hair, are finally reunited with D'Artagnan, who's now caught up in a whirlwind of romance and adventure.

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Nov 10, 2023

Ep. 637: Garbage In, Garbage Out!

Book talk begins @ 9:18

D'Artagnan's dinner turns into a deadly mix-up, with Musketeers eavesdropping on Cardinal's schemes.

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Nov 3, 2023

Ep. 636: Happy Fountain Pen Day!

Book talk begins @ 7:35

D'Artagnan's got mail, Cardinal's got jokes, and La Rochelle's got a revolution - y'know, the usual stuff.

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