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Dec 22, 2023

Ninth Day of CraftLit

LINK TO DAY 1 of the Twelve Days of CraftLit—

On the ninth day of CraftLit, we embark on another journey with three tales of Christmas magic. From the heartwarming 'Christmas on Wheels' narrated by David Wales, to Samuel McCord Crothers' 'Christmas and the Literature of Disillusion,' and finally, Ruth Sawyer's whimsical 'Barney's Tale of the Wee Red Cap.' Join us for a festive blend of holiday cheer and literary enchantment.

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Christmas on Wheels (1895)

By: Willis Boyd Allen - 

From: Christmas on Wheels - 


Read by: David Wales - 

Christmas and the Literature of Disillusion (1908)

By: Samuel McCord Crothers - 

From: By the Christmas Fire - 


Read by: Andrew Ordover - 

Barney's Tale of the Wee Red Cap (1916)

By: Ruth Sawyer - 

From: This Way to Christmas - 


Read by: Jonathan Uffelman - 

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