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Apr 27, 2012

Intro bits and Chapter 1 of Gullvier's Travels.

Join the conversation by tweeting a response to this question by using a hashtag (#GulliverGuffaws): Twittering Question: What is your favorite moment from the beginning of Gulliver's Travels? (We'll have more interesting questions soon--this was a big BIG podcast to get out. My brain will be back shortly)

I will randomly select a name from this episode's responders and whoever I choose will get their very own WWMDfK? bracelet.

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SFF Audio—I've hit the big time! Listen to The New Mother here and SFF with me here. And then go take a look at Tara Swiger's book Market Yourself. Love! Her!

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Cheddar Upon Avon

Cheddar, the CraftLit Critter (pattern)!


Purchase a completed, knitted Cheddar from Penny for $36 via little acorn creations (coming soon!)

And April/May 2012 incentive? Your veddy own Defarge PAC (Don't Lose Your Head!) t-shirt. Donate or subscribe to be put into the running for a shirt!

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Order via NetFlix or purchase from Amazon.

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Defarge 2—What (else) Would Madame Defarge Knit?—this time in color!—is in pre-orders! 25+ patterns of yarny goodness (sweaters, mittens, a devilishly cute layette, and more all await you!). The good people at Cooperative Press have found a local printer who can bring you our new book still printed in the USA! Mwah!

Have I told you how much I love indie publishers?

And speaking of Cooperative Press! Two new goodies for you! First, the CP Sock & Mitt Club. Second, the CP Mag! Both of which yours truly will be working on! Yay! What is CP saying about the Magazine?

Let me share what CP says:

Our intentions are as follows:

  • as with all things CP, we compensate our contributors fairly, work with indie designers and dyers, and generally keep great content coming at you;
  • we will be publishing 3x per year (though we’re doing a special “issue zero” in time for TNNA, the big pro fiber arts tradeshow in June) via our own app. This app will eventually also offer other Cooperative Press content, too. Ebooks, special issues, etc.;
  • by popular demand and in response to some early feedback, we’ll do a PDF version of the magazine, which will be available via our website and Ravelry. It won’t have the video/audio/interactive functionality of the main version, but for readers who aren’t interested in reading via app, it’ll offer access to most of the content;
  • each year, we’ll collect the magazine content into a book book -- think the way Food&Wine or Martha Stewart republishes their "best-of" each year.
Hopefully having multiple access points for the content will make everyone happy. And by having several digital options, it makes it possible to buy it from anywhere (even Australia and the UK!), because as we’ve learned selling books, not everyone feels like paying the (frankly absurd) postage rates these days. It makes me ill to have to charge half again the cost of a print book just to ship it to Europe, and from a purely capitalistic perspective, I’d rather you put that $12 towards another one of our ebooks! :)

And, more happiness—the husband gets more good press for his book, too! Yay books! Yay literate people!

* * *

And my new pattern (that I'm so proud of!): Hunger Games-inspired Life and Death socks—designed for those of us who tend to give their socks a beating (more details on knitting blog).

* * *

Ehren, I think you'll agree, rocks the Gulliver text.

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