N.B. The technology woes mentioned in the show exploded after recording (and losing the audio again... and again... and again...). The good news is that I get a new harddrive next Tuesday.

A girl can dream...

Chapters 31-32 of Sense & Sensibility by Jane Austen.

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  • LEAR! On CHOP BARD! (3:50)
  • (5:29) goofy Axis of Awesome Four Chord Video playlist (some patter/songs are not for little ears)

    the four chords, BTW are: C G Am F or G D Em C or D, A, Bm, G (depending on your key)
    per Root chord, the 5 chord, the 6 chord, and the 4 chord of the major scale or major progression. (Major root chord, major chord on the 5th note, minor chord on the 6th note, and major chord on the 4th note.)
    Root chord, the 6 chord, the 3 chord, and the 7 chord of the minor scale or minor progression. (Minor root chord, major chord on the 6th note, major chord on the 3rd note, and major chord on the 7th note.)
    (and I particularly liked this one and this one, too)
  • (8:00) Chair Yoga
  • Poison Ivy-Oak-Sumac Itch Free Salve for Poison Ivy WiseWays Herbals salve in Worthington, Ma 01098, Jewel weed (8:30 )

  • (12:15) Janice's rug hooking examples and a glossary
  • BookMarks magazine, Jan-Feb, #74 on Austen

And our video of listeners listening
(you can still send in pix - I still have a few mroe to add).

Special 400th episode ideas?

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