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Apr 7, 2017

Chapters 64-65

Crafty Chat links:

Book Talk Begins at 10:30

Run AWAY! (Did they get out of the Count's digs in a hurry or what?)

The chapter 65 map:

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Mar 31, 2017

Chapters 62-63

The Glorious DNA Bracelet

DNA bracelet being fixedDNA bracelet being fixed 2DNA bracelet

The clip-a-ble "Mommy's Juice Boxes"

The Before the chapter notes -


The After the chapter notes -


The artists mentioned:

The sad people of the sad rooms mentioned:

Mar 24, 2017

445: Chapters 60-61 — The Count of Monte Cristo

Mommy's Juice Boxes

| Book Talk • 6:06 |

Mar 3, 2017

444: NOLA - chapters 58-59  

The Knitting mentioned:

weird basketweave-y stitches

| BOOK TALK - 4:06 |


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Feb 24, 2017


443: IngenWHO? - chapter 57 

Patterns mentioned: