Episode One Hundred-two: Mischief and Merrymaking Lots-n-lots of links for you, plus chapter 21 and chapter 22 (ooooh, it rhymes!).
Many thanks to Erin of Faery Knitting Podcast for the reading! Woof!
First and foremost, go to the Bone Marrow site and go get registered. Ask me for information if you'd like to send Robbie a card or check here for Robbie updates. As far as cooking goes, take a look at the comments from episode 101, then also look here: Lickity-Split Meals, Meals Made Easy, Nancy's husband's blog recipes, Food Network show and book, Piecework Pincushion Excellence in Needlearts Winners, and the Hurt Book Sale through July 18, 2008 (or as long as the books last).
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