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Mar 9, 2018


  • More cleaning info and has products and a zillion tips, and all the listener emails: Lex recommended pet aquarium limescale remover (like for turtle or lizard tanks), Yvonne of Lavendar Sheep recommends 1:1 white vinegar to dawn - heat the vinegar to mix (the only time you’ll need to heat it), put both in a spray bottle, shake, spray, leave 30 min, scrub, rinse.

Here’s the evil hard water. Sigh…

Invincible Water Spots

  • Question - does this have anything to do with cleaning (ahem): the golden milk / turmeric thingy. Whatsup with that?



  • “looks like a Gimlet”

Gimlet - tool.jpg
By Wikipedia user Saintswithin -, Public Domain, Link