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Dec 18, 2017

Fifth Day of Craftlit
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Elizabeth Harrison(September 1, 1849 – October 31, 1927)

was an American educator. She was the founder and first president of what is today National Louis University.[1] Harrison was a pioneer in creating professional standards for early childhood teachers and in promoting early childhood education.

How to Celebrate Christmas (p.41) Read by: Heather Ordover

Charles Knight (15 March 1791–9 March 1873)

was an English publisher, editor and author. The son of a bookseller and printer at Windsor, he was apprenticed to his father. On completion of his indentures he took up journalism and had an interest in several newspaper speculations, including the Windsor, Slough and Eton Express.

A Christmas Pudding from Household Words > Volume II > Page 300 December 21, 1850 (to “turn the page”, look in the upper right for the ‘previous page’ ‘next page’)
Read by:

The Recipe from the story: A Pound Christmas Pudding: 
* One pound raisins
  • one pound currants
  • one pound suet (what is it)
  • one pound bread-crumbs
  • quarter pound orange-peel
  • two ounces citron-peel
  • two ounces lemon-peel
  • one nutmeg
  • one teaspoonful powdered ginger
  • one teaspoonful powdered cinnamon
  • one wine-glassful brandy
  • seven eggs
  • one teaspoonful salt
  • quarter pound raw sugar
  • milk enough to liquefy the mass, if the eggs and brandy be not sufficient for this purpose."

Alternate recipes and this with several historic sauce recipes, and a discussion of said puddings

Travel writing

A pudding cloth:

Buittle Tower Kitchen. - - 951197.jpg
By Malcolm Carruthers, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

Arabs and math - smart responses from readers of The Guardian.

The politics of it in an image (a.k.a., Charles Knight wasn’t alone):

StateLibQld 1 167463 Christmas pudding cartoon in the 1884 Christmas edition of The Figaro.jpg
By Contributor(s): The Figaro - Copied and digitised from The Figaro, 20 December,1884., Public Domain, Link

Abbie Phillips Walker (1867 - 1951)

And that’s pretty much all we’ve got on her.

Ruth’s Christmas (p.13) Read by: Ruth Golding

The old Christmas Carol audio files that can be played on any computer or mp3 player are here: audio, and 190 audio, and 191 audio Read by Glen Halstrom for Librivox

A Christmas Carol*in prose, being a ghost story of Christmas by Charles Dickens Staves 1-2, Stave 3, Staves 4-5

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