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Sep 19, 2010

Today, chapters 21-22!

Amy's NZ Guerrillas

A few fun links: Guerrilla Knitters in NZ, an old friend’s newish site Sustainable Eats , Nickled and Dimed (a good read if a sad one), Rachel Herron’s Pens Fatales, Amy’s Fire in a Jar (a la my imagination)

And the Instructable site.

Knitty Amy divulges where to find CraftLit and Knitty in the UK, I try to find a way to get from Salisbury to Stonehenge and Avebury…all in one afternoon… I know. But I’m not there for long.

And, of course, I bring you Mark Twain, read by (the superior) John Greenman. Book talk starts at 12 min or so.

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