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Oct 4, 2006

Yeah, But it's a Dry Heat, Right?

Don't try this at home--eye-scraping dry eye! EW! This week! Beauty and the Beast. No, not this one Or this one This one! (sort of...) By the woman with the long French name (that would be Jeanne Marie Le Prince de Beaumont). And, more on Bettleheim and Kohlberg...and a world lit only by fire. And, drum roll...the Faroese as it stands now... Soon, there will be an updated pic for that too. Thanks to Tina for reading this week and Joshua Christian who is my hero. The gorgeous Allison spindle from The Spindle Guy! And an UPDATE on our Craftlit Completions Gallery! Take a look at the GORGEOUS yarn Aimee in NJ has spun and dyed. These colors are amazing! And don't forget to visit beautiful Bisbeeland, Arizona! And an UPDATED update! (dateline--10/5/06). I finished the shawl. It was nothing but a pile of goo when I was done. Then I washed it and threaded my own do-it-yerself lace wire through it (18 guage picture wire) and WOW IS THAT SUCKER BIG!!!

It's taking up the entire length of a twin-size bed. I'd seen other evidence of this on blogs, but to see it live and in person—it's a thing of beauty and a joy forever (or as long as it lasts, I guess...). Now if I can just dye it... If I can get my 6-year-old to hold the camera still enough I'll get a pic of it on.

And an UPDATED update of my update (dateline 10-9-06): Thank you Heidi! How wonderful to get such an unexpected goodie box! I'm actually ditching my work today to read Spinning Designer Yarns while listening to "76 Trombones". You have no idea how much I needed that lift today. Thank you!

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