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Dec 1, 2006

You should also check out Stephanie/Lumie's blog (gorgeous work!)

Then go here and get smart, RIGHT NOW!

After expanding your brain, you can crack yourself up with my friend Peter on his podcast.

Don't forget to get your SantaCon on! When you're done with that, embrace your inner Earth Mother and find out the skinny on Organics.

And in today's chapters, listen for the allusion to Jane Eyre that ol' Henry snuck into the first minute of this chapter.

As we continue our governess will continue to show her true colors--not a pretty picture.

And today's chapters reveal a bit more of James' brilliance. The Governess--who may still be nuts--does see someone who looks like Peter Quint. She had seen no pictures of him, but describes him to Mrs. Grose--well enough for her to identify the vision. Of course, the problem is...he's dead.

So, the mystery deepens...

Many thanks to Nikolle Doolin for her SEXY reading of Henry James' Turn of the Screw.

Oh, and I've moved all the links to previous episodes to the right side of the blog page at There was a question as to why the files are so blasted big, and I'll tell you--I'd like to know that too! I'm working on it...