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Dec 15, 2006

This week--Chapters 6-7!

Okay, and you're not really strangers but y'all sure are kind!

Some fun with You Tube and Dante

Julie's socks (whoo hoo!) and 1400 A.D. knit pic

More Organic info from Dawn (worth a look-see)! Seventh Generation and Land Stewardship Project

Janet's pomo fun

And then--That Darn Governess and her latent class and boy issues!!!

BTW: we didn't have time for these which I got off of a Knitter's Review forum. Did you know these superstitions:

** It's bad luck to leave a project unfinished. The intended recipient will get bad luck from the unfinished item.

** Stabbing your needles though your yarn balls brings bad luck to anyone who wears something made from that yarn.

** Don't knit a pair of socks for your boyfriend or he'll walk away from you.

** If you knit one of your own hairs into a garment, it will bind the recipient to you.

** Knitting for children you may have in the future, but before you are pregnant, is bad luck (it may prevent one from getting pregnant, or bring ill health to the baby).


Interesting Latvian beliefs about mittens

1. Mittens and socks should be knitted in summer, then they will be warm, soft and strong.

2. One should not wash new mittens when there is an old moon,
they will lose their color and let through the wind.

3. One should not wipe their nose in a mitten. Whoever does that never gets rich.

4. One should not give their hand to another with a mitten on, otherwise they will give away their luck.

and, again, thanks to Nikolle Doolin for her SEXY reading of Henry James' Turn of the Screw.