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Jan 12, 2007

Today, Chapters 15, 16 AND 17!

Today I have some fun silkworm links, some pretty pics of the Pysanky eggs by Jen (who is very, very, very prolific while listening), some pics of intersting historical spindles, and some lip from Julie!

Tee hee!

Julie absolutely rightfully called me on the carpet for my anti-governess bias, so here's my rec. Go listen to the last episode, last chapter, with a different ear (that would be at roughly 47 minutes into episode 36). Then keep listening to today's chapters. Yeah...Julie has a point. I'll also let you in on some things Ol' Henry himself had to say about the book.

I may also share some of ELOISE in Paris (okay, NEXT week...) and remind you that really, truly, I loathe being a single Mom.

¿Donde esta mi esposo?

And some helpful info from Jen:
pysanky (piz·ahnk·yeh) is the name of those Ukrainian/polish eggs. singular
= pysanka
Kiska (pl = Kisky) is the name of the stylus thingie.

She also says:
if you like Weird Al, you might be interested in The Apologetix. they are a
Christian parody group that does Christian remakes of pop songs just like
Weird Al.

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