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May 9, 2010

Listener Kayleigh took a few pictures showing how AMAZING the Cobb is -- and the hanker-scarf she knit whilst in England—AND most importantly, a slew of pics of her pretending to be Louisa Musgrove!
 A cool plaque dedicating the Jane Austen gardens at Lyme Regis
Kayleigh pretending to be Louisa, falling down the stairs at the Cobb
The end of the Cobb, out to sea
The Stairs on the Cobb (yikes)
Lyme Regis today

Generation T by Megan Nicolay—goes to Carrie of MO.

April Incentive

May Incentive—3 skeins Simply Socks sock yarn, Peach 0179, 80% superwash 20% nylon 175 yds: May 2010 More great Regency fun--Regency House Party (The Bachelor meets Mister Darcy?--thanks to Becky for the link); Tammy in TX solves our diaper woes via the Nappy Shoppe and their rec of a biodegradable insert; met the Jane Austen Society of NA in AZ; great article on an 87 year old woman who reads--LOTS; And ShannonA sent in a lecture on Frankenstein. Don't forget to visit CleverCatBags, Kelsey her sister at DeviantArt, and the family site at ThistleDown. Book talk begins at 30 min or so.



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