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Jan 16, 2010

We finish the background info to Flatland today (and you thought we were already IN the story, didn't you!) and next episode head into... The Encounter!

Da Da Duuuuummmmmmm

This week some gluten free fun for you UK travelers and denizens (beer, cider, food, mobile phone 24/7 beer guidance), I wax rhapsodic over the CAMRA guide, find the 3/50 Project (yes!), and knit, knit, spin, and knit. AH! And I find a speed knitter (like the Yarn Harlot) who actually SHOWS HER TENSIONING!

Cool "knit in any language" translator (and one just for Finnish), ANOTHER book by Anahad (my former student), a Harper's Article you might want to pass around, an article about a provocative statement by Harvard's President (it'll make sense when you listen to the episode), funny comic on centripetal force, and our December Incentive Winners: Andrew, Melanie, and Robin!

OH! And I forgot to say: I found an amazing blog post with a spectacular list of podcasts! (Yeah, we're on there too, but there are new ones I've not heard of. V exciting!)

January Incentive
book: Enchanted Adornments! Enchanted Adornments
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