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Jul 27, 2006

This week, chapters 44-46!


A little OTN moment: I'm working on a Faroese shawl, which has only a little section of lace. I've knitted lace before, but this project...well, it was going to be hard enough; I didn't want to kill myself.

This is the first project I've planned from washing, drying, and spinning the fiber, all the way to knitting. I'm going to do some funky dye thing to it when I'm done and I"m going to (God Willing and the Creeks Don't Rise) take this to SOAR for the gallery.


The knitting is a total leap of faith. I've knitted 25 rows and it's barely 3-4 long. It's 390 stitches, decreasing regularly down to...well...7 that get grafted in a tricky way that I'm sure I'll marvel at when I get there.  I got the pattern from Claudia at She's a genius with this stuff.


Lace and all things lace-weight are a leap of faith. They look like a ball of twisted blah, then you wet and pin them and suddenly it's...LORDY! I made THAT?!

Right now, my whole life is a leap of it seemed an appropriate thing to do.

And, btw, HEY, did you hear Cast-on's essay last week? It was as though we dovetailed our themes on purpose! Synchronicity? Love that Jung!

Promos from Faith at The Knitting Cook, and Jeannie of Crochet Cast

As always, Pride and Prejudice is narrated by Annie Coleman. Intro music provided by which connected me with Joshua Christian’s “Chasing Hiro.‿