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Aug 11, 2023

Ep. 624: Saving Genius!

Book talk begins @ 13:28

Musketeers dive into a fancy ball with bling, baffling moments, and a dash of romance as D'Artagnan's heart does a little cha-cha.

  • We hope this is something you can fill out to help us!
  • Chop Wood, Carry Water - Jessica Craven (a reference to the popular Zen Buddhist dictum that before enlightenment, one must chop wood and carry water, and that after enlightenment, one must chop wood and carry water.)
  • Ocean Cleanup:
  • Oysters as vacuums for NY Harbor and a demonstration of that process, Bricks from Trash
  • Plastic from Seaweed
  • Gardening Hack
  • The raffle is still going on!
  • Librarian of Burned Books
  • Le Patréon
  • The confusing bit of chapter 21, written as a scrip:
    “”We say, ’Proud as a Scotsman,’” murmured the Duke of Buckingham.
    D’Artagnan “And we say, ’Proud as a Gascon,’” replied D’Artagnan. “The Gascons are the Scots of France.” D’Artagnan bowed to the duke, and was retiring.
    Duke of Buckingham.:  “Well, are you going away in that manner? Where, and how?”
    D’Artagnan “That’s true!”
    Duke of Buckingham.: “Fore Gad, these Frenchmen have no consideration!”
    D’Artagnan “I had forgotten that England was an island, and that you were the king of it.”
    Duke of Buckingham.: “Go to the riverside, ask for the brig Sund, and give this letter to the captain; he will convey you to a little port, where certainly you are not expected, and which is ordinarily only frequented by fishermen.”
    D’Artagnan “The name of that port?”
    Duke of Buckingham.: “St. Valery; but listen. When you have arrived there you will go to a mean tavern, without a name and without a sign—a mere fisherman’s hut. You cannot be mistaken; there is but one.”
    D’Artagnan “Afterward?”
    Duke of Buckingham.: “You will ask for the host, and will repeat to him the word ’Forward!’”
    D’Artagnan “Which means?”
    Duke of Buckingham.: “In French, En avant
  • Scottish Bravery in WWI, in WWII (post-Dunkirk)
  • Le Ballet de Le Merlaison: Clip of the music 
  • Reconstructed dance: One and Two

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