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CraftLit - Serialized Classic Literature for Busy Book Lovers

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Jul 4, 2020

526 Chapter 17


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Tuesday is 5am Eastern (for New Zealand and Australia & the UK)

Thursday is 7pm Eastern:

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Tuesday Book Chat
Naada - just fun!

Thursday Book Chat
Fun vintage movies: Desk Set - Spencer Tracey/Hepburn -
Pat and Mike - - 
Tracee: Hounded - Kevin Hearne (The Iron Druid series) -


#hamilfilm for Twitter Watch Party 7pm eastern on the 3rd.

Congratulate Mary on Obsidian - her new Satin Angora Rabbit - YAY!
Mary Snellings : - might have info on how to get rabbit urine out of an antique quilt

Aimee Woolwine : - Paul Taylor - English comic in France - "Franglais" + Men of the West End sing - Defying Gravity -

Mary is Bingewatching Hamish MacBeth on Prime:

Kelly Matula: Harps for Harmony - Pachabel's Canon + (from Heather) slide trombones do Bohemian Rhapsody - +
Kelly: podcast rec - 1 Way to Make an Emoji - from Cracked -
"Ghost Rider" - Neil Peart - drummer from RUSH -

Heather. Ordover : Toddrick Hall - Ordinary Day -

Mary Snellings : America Rocks not aging well - all agreed that GrammarHouse Rocks is pretty much the only unscathed bit

Kelly Matula: The Neil Peart reading list:

Mary Snellings : Drunk History compilation for 4th of July:

Heather. Ordover : Breathe Easy Mask ask - please report your thoughts back to me: and her the fabric test video
and her fabric options

Aimee Woolwine : Theme food for your Hamilton viewing: also reading Stacey Abrams - Our Time is Now
and watching Gavin and Stacey on Prime:

Kelelly: The King Eternal Emperor - Korean show

Jennifer - made it past the halfway point through Victorian Raffia double knit scarf -
TRULY a work of art:

Jennifer is reading "Passing" - - on Librivox, too -
also Jennifer is reading "Dead Zone" - "Water Dancer"

Mary Snellings : casually creative is Damany's podcast.

Mary Snellings : “Be like the Mandalorian. Never take off your mask in Public. This Is The Way. (I have spoken).
Aimee Woolwine : LOL Mary

Heather. Ordover :

Mary - James Taylor streaming from Fenway:
^^^^tribute band