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May 27, 2011

I'm shipping everything that wont fit in the car.


I should have stock in UPS and USPS.


Very little to report and very little time to do it in. Tucker's Walk Winery, Kentwell Hall's Tudor historical reenactment niftyness(go Lorna!) and a video of the same. I'll have these shownotes serve for 208, 209, 210 and maybe even 211. Book talk will start super soon, so don't bother to fast forward. We depart May 27th and will visit:

  • Fri 5/27--Grand Canyon; stay at Grand Canyon
  • Sun 5/29--Old Faithful; stay at Sheridan or Gillette
  • Mon 5/30--visit Devil's Tower and Custer Battlefield
  • Tues 5/31--backtrack and Teach at Wild Purls, Billings MT; stay over in Deadwood, SD
  • Wed 6/1—visit Mt Rushmore, Wall Drug; stay over at Tucker's Walk Winery
  • Thurs 6/2—Stay Minn/St Paul, MN
  • Fri 6/3—drop by Yellow Dog Knitting; stay in Evanston
  • Sat 6/4—Chi-Town (hope to visit Loopy Yarns) stay in Oak Park
  • Sun 6/5—skulk about in Indiana, (hope to visit Mass Ave knit shop)
  • Tues 6/7—visit Cooperative Press
  • Wednesday 6/8—McLean VA and the fambly will be reunited!

Listen to 208 audio And this widget might actually work to stream on-the-fly podcasts from my phone. Sing with me now: "On the Road Again... Just cain't wait to get On the Road Again..." Where's my John Denver CD...?