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CraftLit - Serialized Classic Literature for Busy Book Lovers

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May 31, 2024

Ep. 658: Huswifs | Chapters 19-21 / Volume 2, Chapters 1-3

Book talk begins at 11:35. 

This week, we chat with a woman who talks in hilariously long, winding sentences, often interrupting herself and losing her train of thought. Oh, and her niece—with a heartwarming backstory—joins us too!

May 24, 2024

Ep. 657: Miasmic

Book talk begins at 14:31. 

Emma attempts damage control while Mr. Knightley’s prejudice against a particular stranger surprises our heroine.


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May 17, 2024

Ep. 656: Sampled 

Book talk begins at 14:31. 

John Knightley complains about the cold while Mr. Elton does something surprising. 😨 

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• Clip from Jane Austen vs Emily Brontë:...

May 10, 2024

Ep. 655: Brick 

Book talk begins at 15:02. 

Fainting fits, Mr. Woodhouse’s quirks and whims, and a cure-all remedy? All in this week’s episode!

(And Belated Happy Birthday to Heather! 😁 — Valkyrie and Erik)


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May 3, 2024

Ep. 654: Speed Bumps

Book talk begins at 8:41. 

We hit Emma's famous "I need not marry" speech that you see in every adaptation of Emma! 

And when it comes to making moves with Harriet, Elton moves at a snail's pace. But Emma persists and is determined to make this match a reality, despite having little interest...