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Sep 12, 2010

Chapters 19-20!

Chop Bard! An awesome Shakespeare podcast! You'll love it!

Phyllis sent in this link to a Snow Farm class that incorporates a bit of the Madame Defarge love; TwirlyMama in Vancouver BC selling her crocheted wares for BP oil victims; Femke's new 88novels blog; new pics of Lyme and the Cobb; see the ACYiKAC button to the left? That's the code you want to steal for your blog. More of those buttons will be appearing on the Library page; Crazy Aunt Purl on Pride & Prejudice, do read the comments.

And don't forget to visit Mom's Rising's link to congress about chemicals in our food that appear to be affecting little girl's development. Here's a link to the explanatory article from the LA Times about the problem, another article from the Journal Pediatrics, and a final one on Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families.

And my goofball son's: Apollonir, Dragonoid, Altair and Upgrade Mega Nemus, Alto Brontes, Subterra Vulcan, Subterra Clayf Helis Pyrus (red), Worm Quake, Centepoid.

Book talk starts around 41 min.