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Jun 18, 2009

Chapter 11

I run out of time, out of technology to fix audio, and wine. But you didn't hear about that last part on the 'cast.

Here are some links for you:

  • Funny online movie starring Jaleel White and Leyna Weber.
  • It's a new webseries Road to the Alter. Full disclosure, I was only able to stream the first minute plus (that's the technology part above) but what I saw was funny. I'm going to guess that it might not be PG though. Just a headsup.

Also, don't forget to check out and BrookklynTweed. There's also the fab Etsy store with the cool Shakespeare Sock Club (I LOVE the colors), cool Twitter news, a book review by our own Becky, now of Tucson (Go Saguaros!), your link to the new Harry Potter Site, and checkout Leanne's Lovely blog.

Chapter 11—book talk starts around 30 min in.