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Nov 18, 2009

Start of Flatland

iPhone/iTouch app is up and running. We have seven days to get it, rate it, and take over the world (or at least 50 million members therein). Please enjoy responsibly.

Coming soon! Interview Number 2 with the charming comedy team of Tom Cathcart and Daniel Klein (I'm not-so-secretly in love. Yes, the Husband knows).




My Dad's melodious voice will only be gracing us briefly before he has to go rescue the university (or a small part thereof). Many of our readers will be...CraftLit Volks! Huzzah! Do Not Fear The Math. (Or maybe fear it just a little bit.) 

The Kickstarter Campain wages on! Can't donate? Just pass the info on. I so deeply appreciate the support!

And here's the link to the Hot Lava Cardigan.

Oh! And Susan's interview with me at Knit-a-Journey! What fun we had! (You can probably tell.)

Listen to the audio 150, booktalk starts around 20 min in.