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May 25, 2018

Bunches and bunches of links for you!
- The New Fahrenheit 451

Videos to use with kids (after you review them)

Then in this video he (attempts to) rebrand himself and parodies these fine and worthy YouTubers in order to do it:

Kiva donations (Thank you! Venus is fully funded!) and here’s the link: to join the CraftLit Team. Or just me

Gabrielle (Violinknitter): Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight Tumblr post and A Lesson with the Fan video
Diane G - Red everything & Qivuit combing video!
- Robin in Texas sent in some info and pics of Pinafores:

civil war aprons
For lots of informative videos about dressing in fashions of a variety of time periods, see prior attire
- Christina just found this for you on Reddit -->Anne of Green Gables became so popular and such an important symbol of freedom in Poland that the Polish army issued a copy to every soldier before WWII

Voicemail links:
- Aimee's Ear Hustle Podcast
- Maxine Sleepy Hollow is part of the Halloween Bundle (if you haven't already heard it)
- Lise - My first graphic novel The Killing Joke is no joke
- Gaylene's link from Dr. Katherine Ottaway, a 1900 article on croup & diphtheria treatments (including how to make a humidifier), an "Anne poisoned the child" article