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May 11, 2018

My friend Pam’s gorgeous art below (she learned from this site: Draw Botanical)
Pam Art
- History Chicks Biography of LMM and their recap of Anne with an E, episode 1
- Tara’s podcast rec: The Fat Squirrel Speaks
- The New Jersey Mom Video I mentioned
Mayflowers are an Actual Thing--
Epigaea repens, Trailing Arbutus, Mayflower

HAMLET - Act V, scene i
What, the fair Ophelia!
Sweets to the sweet: farewell!
(scattering flowers)
I hoped thou shouldst have been my Hamlet's wife;
I thought thy bride-bed to have deck'd, sweet maid,
And not have strew'd thy grave.
"My Home on the Hill" sheet music
• This is a dress with a pinafore:
Dress front
Dress + pinafore front
Dress + pinafore back
(A pinafore is a pinafore because it was something to pin afore a dress to protect it.)

  • And these are aprons:

chef’s apron
chef’s apron
chef’s apron

  • These, too, are aprons.

apron exhibit
apron exhibit
apron exhibit
apron exhibit
apron exhibit
bikini apron

slickstone and board