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Sep 15, 2017

Book Talk (8:51)


Ch 106
[Le Sage]

[Guilbert de Pixerecourt]and the [Wiki]

| Mapcon 2017 |

I spent last weekend at the Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference and had the pleasure of meeting a hotel full of wonderful podcasters. Recording from home can be isolating at times, so it feels great to go out into the wild and meet up with fellow casters to talk about improving our shows and the impact we have on listeners. I've listed a handful of podcasts I encountered at the conference (which I go into more detail about in the episode). Be brave! Find something new to listen to.  --For kids who are Harry Potter Lovers (or soon-to-be HPLs)--going chapter by chapter through the books. Started Sept 1st. --Native American stories (hosts grandmother, 92?) is at the Standing Rock Res. ! And was out at the protests. --pretty much as you’d expect --host interviews politicians on both sides about the GOOD things they are doing. --exactly what you think, hosted by Mark Gillespie. One of the longest running, certainly one of the longest profitable, podcasts out there (out of southern NJ, too!)

Fan Theory Podcast --iTunes etc, “everyone’s a fan of something” --always interesting, usually funny, mostly true --discover awesome and unique craft beers with Amanda --my table mate and King of All Media, Harry Duran, hosts this interview show. —Host and water expert Stefan Roots has the loveliest voice conveying some Really Dirty Info —if you have a Funko Pop Collector or just Funko Fans in the house, they now have a podcast to listen to—all for them! Thank you, Teresa! / — Host Mary Nichols is one of my new fave people. Listen most easily here:


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