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Aug 29, 2014

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Chapter 39 (Vol 2, ch 14) of North and South, by Elizabeth Gaskell, with many thanks to our reader, Barbara Edleman. Book talk begins at 23:18.

The first N&S episode is 331.


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| Links in order of appearance:* |

8 min - Rhetoric Stuff

On the Rhetoric of Jargon

The Ice Cream Debate

Brutus--watch first

then Antony shows up . . . uh oh. . .

The Otter Defense

Bluto speech (there is, indeed, some cursing)

Bonus Rhetoric Stuff (because, you know: teacher)

Circular Logic - ". . . It's got Electrolytes..."

Brawndo ads -- absolutely ridiculous advertising examples - the first one on the right relates to the above (some cursing)

St Crispin take 1

St Crispin take 2 - start at :54

Aristotle links, links, links, links, and links.

13 min - Bleak House is complete!

Bundles 1–5 are complete and in the Shoppe!

• 14:30 min - Crafting Manifesto posts - Craftivism Tal Fitzpatrick (sorry I couldn't find her hame while recording!) wrote the first Craftivism post I saw
Rebecca - who wrote in with the awesome You Wouldn't Want to Be a Victorian Mill Worker! book last week, also wrote on the same Craftivism topic! ZEITGEIST!

• 16 min - The Depression Game and last week I got this in late: a blog post on depression from a listener (especially helpful if you have a friend who wrestles with this issue).

17:16 min - Stitches East

Come for the weekend; see me on Thursday night! I'll arrive in the afternoon before market/Franklin are underway, so let me know if you'll be there and we can set a meetup time and place!

| BOOK TALK | 18:22 |

Now you can see Armley Mills (not too shabby, eh?).
2014-08-25 17.32.33
picture courtesy of Maia

Sarah sent in the Jane Eyre texting hilarity.

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