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Jul 25, 2014



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Chapter 36 (Vol 2, ch 11) of North and South, by Elizabeth Gaskell, with many thanks to our reader, Barbara Edleman. Book talk begins at 29 minutes.
The first N&S episode is 331.

If the iTunes feed ever goes down, please head over to the Libsyn site.

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Literary Links-n-Stuff

  • M'appen = May Happen (perhaps, maybe)
  • welly = nearly (e.g., "Fire's welly out")
  • would fain = with pleasure, gladly
  • aught = various uses (everything, anything, nothing) so Higgins', "There he went, ossing to promise aught, and pledge himsel' to aught—to tell a' he know'd on our proceedings, the food-for-nothing Judas!"
    "There he went, trying to promise everything and pledge himself to everything and tell everything he knew about our union business."
  • a-that-ens = to those ends, that way

Fun Stuff

Robotic Arm! (Couldn't get permissions for the other videos)

Prince Eric (not so generic)

No Frogs this week. [sad face] I think it was a little too cold at night.

For cool window art:


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Our July Giveaway has TWO parts—a copy of Stampington's Stuffed and Stampington's Somerset Life. Visit our giveaway page to enter.

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