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Jun 23, 2017

| Crafty (Life-saving) Chat |

Jun 16, 2017

455 - Swangry!


  • a Guzla (Gusle) is like a lute. Listen here
  • "How was it that Dionysius the Tyrant became a schoolmaster?
    REALLY it was Denys the Younger who was (a tyrant and) expelled from Syracuse in 343BC
    OR even MORE REALLY it was Dionysius the Younger or Dionysius II (ibid)
    But Maier wrote a legend...

Jun 9, 2017



This week is JetChat!

The (successful!) parchment paper search: Jet-unbleached-parchment Jet has crafty things! Jet-categories Jet has my elusive 2-gallon Ziplocs! 3-Jet-ziplocks Unboxing their awesome packing job. Jet-packing Cold items arrived fresh as daisies! Jet-frozen Jet-Dublinet

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Jun 2, 2017

453 - SuperBig!

Sarah in Houston's book


Let me know if this pdf helps you navigate the many ways to listen to CraftLit:

How to listen to craftlit podcast

BOOK TALK Begins at 03:42

May 26, 2017

452 chs 72 - Insulated

Repeat post of chapter 67's Character Relationship Chart (for your sanity): image1

BOOK TALK Begins at 15:43

American Gods - NSFW (and Not Safe For Kids)

Parade pic of Thing 2:
Thing 2 in New Hope parade

Parade pic of our banner from the air:
New Hope Bridge Banner

Below are pics I snapped during a pause on the bridge. Everyone was murmuring...