Chapter 13 of Dracula! Whoot!

(Scroll to the bottom of the page for a player or grab the show on iTunes or via this feed). Again, many thanks to Elizabeth Klett, Barbara Edelman, and Ehren Ziegler at Chop Bard for our audio this week!

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Andrea Lazos' site where you can support her in donating to Toys for Tots and blankets for the homeless. Hunter's Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet book. Just Glue Some Gears on It (and call it Steampunk)

Easy Eats Want to get rid of a Hat Block? Lemme know! Monsters We Love


December Incentive! From listener Julie Temisevä!

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Just the Books is now paralleling CraftLit in real time—for Dracula only. We'll be uploading the books between Pride and Prejudice and Dracula as time and space allow. AND the CraftLit Family page is up and growing! Add what you're up to there and share your "betterness".

Need a Trumpet Class for you or your kid? Consider Skype and Dale, the marvelous master of music.

Book talk begins at 9:40. You can listen to the audio here.

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