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Jun 4, 2013

Just in case you wondered what the heck was up with Bleak House on the subscriber feed (and why ANYone would want to listen to something called Bleak anything) I thought you might enjoy a sneak peek. (Details on Streaming Subscriber option; details on Download-only Subscriber option)

This is a sneak peek of chapter 1.

And in case you were wondering what the EeBooks are, this is a link to the start of the Enhanced eBook of Bleak House Chapter 1 as a ClassLit-BleakHouse PDF. We're still working on getting an ePub for iOS version and a Kindle version (formatting for these platforms is REALLY weird and wonky—but we're close). The EeBooks link out to the CraftLit and JtB audio as well as helpful contextual links from the book text itself.

Direct icon-links go to the CraftLit and
Just the Books mp3 audio which covers the indicated chapter


Still a few spaces left for Hanging Out online in a face-to-face book group chat about Jane Eyre! 8:30am EDT, 1:30pm EDT, and 9:30pm EDT are the times on Wednesday June 5 (which gets almost every timezone at something like a convenient hour).