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Jul 1, 2016

chapters 28–29 — The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandré Dumas

Crafty Chat Livestream this week

Go see the magic on YouTube!

Copy of Pie_Shawl bacon tater-tot pie
Pi Shawl Mmmm. Bacon.
Copy of Knit_House_TShirt
The That'sTooBig-a-saurus Nannette's gift shirt - see the "stitches" on the world!

More detailed links and fun can be found in Crafty Chat 421 on our CraftLit Channel (so they don't take up so much space here)   

| BOOK TALK • 18:20 |

         *  Museum of Natural History's That's-too-big-a-saurus (the Titanisaur)
* Nankeen trousers
*  Historical Coclès
*  More than you ever wanted to know about the word Phlegmatic
*  from Tricia Simpson's CoMC

*From Sarah Color by Victoria Finlay

and Colour

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| Premium Audio -- Three Men in a Boat (to say nothing of the dog) |

This week — Chapter 18!
Closing in on the end...

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