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Feb 5, 2016

Chapters 1-2 — The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandré Dumas

| Crafty Bits|

Time code links take you to YouTube
 ◦ Fat Sheep yarn from @yokohamayomama
 ◦ crochet shawl is Eve's Shawl
 ◦ crochet stitch markers
 ◦ AT Blanton’s markers (pending)
 ◦ RevKnits Christmas Shawl pattern "Artesian" by Romi Hill Tosh Merino light - in Baltic
 ◦ swatch for hat
 ◦ Briar Rose Charity — Dr G’s Memory Vest
▪ Details on Alzheimer’s donation for pattern at above link. • 8:34
 ◦ Briar Rose Rocks
 ◦ Red Velvet cupcakes recipe on the CraftLit Ravelry Group (free to join - you don't have to knit or crochet... but don't be surprised if you start...) ◦ Heather: Chicken Tortilla Soup
 ◦ Dawn: Barefoot Contessa Weeknight Bolognese
 ◦ Electric pressure cooker
 ◦ Texas Dad Recipes - 
   ▪ Walking Taco meat (the molé-like one)
   ▪ Frito pie
 ◦ Erica's-Fibonacci knitting is in the prototype phase:
• First draft   
• Current draft   
   ▪ A little cupcake porn from Dawn:

| Book Talk - 16:50 |

• Marseilles and Paris Map Château d'If map.
• Not a lot of specialized bits today. That will give way soon enough.


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| Premium Audio -- Part 2 of The Miller's Tale |

This week — Part Twone!
Um... definitely not one for the kids to listen in on...

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