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Jul 10, 2015

All About The Place - Annotated Audiobooks



* Listener Tony's new podcast: Libros Manos Libres which is on iTunes and Soundcloud and, of course, Ravelry
* Mansfield Park (per Lauren)
* Middlemarch (per Lauren)
* Article on why reading these books matters
* The 5 Science Facts article
* Pixel art (per Tara)
* Smashbooks (per Tara)
* Udon (per Tara - giggle)
* How to Drink Tea (or... another way to drink tea)
* Be a reader for CraftLit! Send us your info via this link.
* The transcription service
* Thank you to Lauren (our math listener), Sarah (our secretly someday-crafty listener), Tara (our superfan), Kathy (who knows her tea), Kaet (who asks the right Brandon-ish questions), JannaLee (who understands the Dorian thing), and Ann (for her P&P video recommendation) for your voicemails!

* And our video of listeners listening (you can still send in pix - I'll add!): VIDEO UPLOADING as you read...

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| Book Talk - 19:45 |

Shelley Statue


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