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May 22, 2015

If the episode freezes at 47:44, know that we're working on it. No idea what the issue is. Stay tuned...

Like a Weed - Audiobooks with Benefits

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  • And this book was recommended last year...


Here's me, listening.

How about you?

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  • And then Lori phoned in this info:

  • My Trivet (with awesome wooden buddies!)

  • My Knights

  • Food Non Fiction podcast host did up a logo for me. (She's very sweet)

| Book Talk - 11:25 |

Bookseller stalls under waterloo bridge

Blaise Castle:


Mysteries of Udolpho

And here are the eversomuch fun sorcery books:

Book the First

Book the Second

Book The Third

These were painted with a Claude Glass

Tinterm By Turner (1794)

Victorian Claude Glass


Tintern Live stream (maybe)

CBC Programme pic:

DIY Claude Glass

Dr Syntax

The Tour of Dr Syntax in Search of the Picturesque. A Poem (1812)

(Combe wrote, Thomas Rowlandson's comic caricatures illustrated)

Lover's Hair in Rings

The Claude Glass

A modern Claude mirror at Derwentwater, The Lake District, England. Photo credit: The Claude Mirror and the Picturesque.

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