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CraftLit - Serialized Classic Literature for Busy Book Lovers

You can find a complete library of all of CraftLit's books alphabetized with links to the shownotes and audio at CraftLit.com/library. To find out more about the show and all the ways you can access the audio, please visit CraftLit.com/how-to-listen/. If you're looking for our Patreon page, you will find it (and all the goodies) here.



Mar 27, 2015

| Order of Operations |

  • Welcome/Housekeeping - 1:05
    • How to skip the crafty chat (on later episodes) - 2:15
    • Listen on-the-go via free apps (see right-hand sidebar) - 3:00
    • Sign up for Premium Streaming Audio (currently The Picture of Dorian Gray) or Premium Download-only Audio - 3:11
    • Thank you to Herland Hangout-ers - 3:33
  • Welcome Maia - our awesome S&S reader! - 4:19
  • Subbable is now Patreon (easy conversion process for Subbable supporters! Go to Subbable.com and follow the steps. All your info (except your bank) will be migrated for you!) - 4:35
  • The new—THIRD—What Would Madame Defarge Knit? book is out: Defarge Does Shakespeare. Such gorgeous patterns and such lovely stories of inspiration and the Bard, not to mention art from the incomparable Shannon Sneedse. - 7:00
  • Book Talk officially begins - 8:43
    • Book chapter audio - 26:05
  • Post-chapter chat - 46:05


Premium Audio — The Picture of Dorian Gray

Premium Audio covers chapter 16 (1881) of The Picture of Dorian Gray this week.


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